My Double Bass is for sale

Finally decided to part ways with my current main instrument to fund a shorter string length one.

Beautifully hand made instrument using high quality woods and with an impressive sound, available to try in Leeds, UK.

Please listen with good quality sound speakers or headphones.

Length of Back: 115cm
Rib Depth: 21cm
Upper Bout: 52.5cm
Centre Bout: 38cm
Lower Bout: 68cm
String Length: 107.5cm


The Rosina Hepburn Quintet

Victory and the Rose Trio

Below are two videos from a new project for Dan. The concept is to present compositions inspired by the work of Icelandic experimental band Sigur Rós. These two videos are inspired by the Sigur Rós compositions ‘Hoppípolla’ and ‘Sæglopur’, and feature José Canha on double bass, and Josh Law on drum kit.

Dan Banks Quintet

Live @ Jazz at the Anchorians Club Gillingham
Dan Banks - Keys/Comp
Roberto Manzin - Sax
Paul Highs - Trumpet
Adam Woodcock - Drums
José Canha - Double Bass