2018 José Canha. Background Photo by Ian Buzer

​​Double Basses:
  • Hora Academy Master Double bass
    • REMIC Microphones
    • David Gage Realist Lifeline Pickup
    • Thomastik-infeld Spirocore Mittel strings
  • Yamaha SLB 200 (silent electric Double bass)
    • Thomastik-infeld Spirocore Weich strings
Electric Bass guitar:
  • Fender jazz bass 64 reissue
    • DR UFO strings
Signal Processing:
  • Avalon U5
  • Headway EDB1
  • Midas MR12
  • TC Electronic BG 208
  • QSC K10.2
  • Planet Waves
Proud Endorser of:
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