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Dan Banks - piano
José Canha - double bass
Trevor Taylor - drums, percussion

Recorded at Visconti Studios, Kingston, 14th October 2018
Engineer: Ebby Aquah
Audio mixed and mastered by Dan Banks

Also available on CD as part of a Limited Edition Eco box set which includes a 38 page booklet and DVD featuring a separate studio session captured by GOAT at Voodoo Bear Studios, Sawbridgeworth, 2018. DVD video edited by GOAT, audio mixed and mastered by Dan Banks, session photography by GOAT.
Visconti CD session photography by Bryan Styles

Review by Bruce Lee Gallanter - Downtown Music Gallery

SONIFICATIONS With JOSE CANHA / TREVOR TAYLOR / DAN BANKS - The Anthropocene Epoch (FMR 420; UK) Featuring Dan Banks on piano, Jose Canha on contrabass and Trevor Taylor on drums & percussion. ’Sonifications’ is one of the most ambitious and impressive releases to emerge from the ever-engaging FMR label. On paper, this appears to be another jazz/piano trio but there is quite a bit more going on here. No matter what our current administration claims, climate change is a real threat to all living things on our planet. The lengthy enclosed booklet discusses climate change at length and the way humanity has caused much its destructive forces. The scientific data which plots these changes and their effects is illustrated in the booklet and that data has inspired the music on this two disc set. The first disc is a DVD video filmed at Voodoo Studio, while the second disc is a CD recorded at Visconti Studios. I know very little about pianist Dan Banks or bassist Jose Canha, although they have worked with Trevor Taylor on a couple of previous CD’s for the FMR label.
As I read through the booklet, I become more alarmed at what has been happening to our planet and what is most ignored by much of the media. The music is often lovely, sublime, elegant and consistently fascinating to hear. This is an extraordinary piano trio who work extremely well together. Even without know who these men are or were, this is a wonderful piano trio date, which is made even better by reading the harrowing information while we listen closely.

FMR Records


Josh Ison - tenor saxophone
Dan Banks - piano
José Canha - double bass
Trevor Taylor - drums, percussion

"The Luminos Quartet is a new project for 2019 and features Josh Ison (sax), José Canha (double bass), Dan Banks (piano), and Trevor Taylor (drums). The quartet explores the intersection between freely improvised music and free-jazz, utilising the full range of sonic possibilities, and in so doing producing a kaleidoscope of moods and soundscapes, with moments of gentle delicacy and sublimity to flashes of sheer luminosity and incendiary energy. The resultant music is organic, experiential, and highly interactive, providing the listener with a highly expansive and profoundly moving musical experience."-Dan Banks website

First recent recording of this groups collective improvisation! Luminos features 4 tracks varying in high intensity to subtle and sublime quite moments of piano string arpeggios , revolving roto bells, arco bass and saxophone harmonics imposible to categories this music knows no barriers, its influences coming from Jazz , contemporary classical music, free improv and a myriad of others! The music was recorded at Visconti studios London with the four pieces titled Sky, Cloud, Night, and light reflection the front image of the cd. Recommended!

FMR Records


Write Me A Song.jpg

Rosina Hepburn - vocals

Reuben Ard - piano

Steph Legg - alto sax, clarinet

José Canha - double bass

David West - drums

Recorded at Studio 7, London, in June 2019.

Engineered and mixed by Laurence Loveless.

Mastered by Andrew Cleyndert.

Cover art by Dan Boultwood.

Write Me A Song

is available on:

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The Allure of Miss Lee.jpg

Catherine Lima - vocals

Paul Higgs - piano, trumpet

Alex Field - guitar

José Canha - double bass

Jason Campbell - drums, percussion

Recorded, mixed and mastered at Toucan Tango Ltd, September 2019.

Produced by Paul Higgs.

The Allure of Miss Lee

is available on:

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Claudia Franco - vocals

Iuri Gaspar - piano

José Canha - double bass

Jorge Moniz - drums

Recorded (1,2 November 2011), mixed and mastered at Timbuktu Studio by André Fernandes.

Start Flying Song

is available on:

Google Play, amazon.

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