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Trevor's Recording Session


Another great session at The Visconti Studios in London recording Trevor Taylor's compositions, just when I got back home to Leeds (yes, moved up north a month ago)  Dan Banks pointed me this amazing review of the album Luminous:

The Allure of Miss Lee hits the Studio

Peggy Lee's homage project went to studio, a great album is in the making, watch this space.

Write Me a Song is out today

The Rosina Hepburn Quintet album "Write me a Song" is out today and will be available on all platforms

Sonification - The Anthropocene Epoch is released

Today we'll be releasing the Sonification album by FMR Records with a live concert at Fire Music - International Contemporary Music Festival. This release it's a luxury edition containing a 38 page booklet, CD and  DVD, exciting times...

Luminos album is available today

The recording with Dan Banks, Trevor Taylor and Josh Ison is out today, released by FMR Records. Really happy with the end result.

1st day of Studio recording with The Rosina Hepburn Quintet


We're setting up for 2 days of recording, looking and sounding very promising...

The Rosina Hepburn Quintet is shooting 

Yes, today we went to the lovely facilities of the Preservation Room II Studios to shoot some promo material, they were sounding and looking amazing.

The Allure of Miss Lee

First rehearsal with the amazing singer Catherine Lima for a tribute/homage to the singer Peggy Lee, brilliantly conceived and counting with Paul Higgs on trumpet and piano, Alex Field on guitar and Jason Campbell on drums. Dates are already on the diary and we should be playing soon somewhere near you.

Studio Session

Another great studio session leaded by Dan Banks with Josh Law on drums at the Paul Higgs studio, where everyone always feels completely at home.

Suffolk Jazz School

Delighted to be teaching in the 1st edition of the Suffolk Jazz School alongside some amazing musicians. There are only a few spaces left so grab them while you can!!

José Canha

New projects coming soon

Been working alongside Dan Banks, Trevor Taylor and Josh Ison. Some very interesting recordings are on the way, mostly in the Avant Garde/ Free Jazz genre. Can't wait for it to get out.

Dan Banks Quintet 2nd Album - Simulated Cities


Simulated Cities, the 2nd album by the Dan Banks Quintet will be released during December 2018. Check it out​

REMIC Endorsement

Very happy and excited to be part of the growing family of REMIC endorsers, cannot wait to start testing them and using them live. Thank you REMIC.

Website revamp

Currently building a new website this time using Wix templates, enjoying the building and updating process while waiting for my domain to be transferred so it can go live, in here you can find info about me as a Jazz Bass Tutor/Teacher, Jazz Double Bassist, Jazz and Bass Lessons, and Jazz Bass Transcriptions.

Really hope you enjoy it, please let me know what you think, all kinds of feedback are truly appreciated.

José Canha

Alban Low - Art of Jazz

"José Canha - Elegant toasty bass gives his music the perfect frame for a charming and lingering night. A plummy rich talent from Portugal that displays meticulous care in every aspect of creativity"

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